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SouthPark is located within the City of Littleton, Colorado in the heart of the southern metropolitan area of Denver, CO. It consists of 498 acres including 176 acres of residential development and 322 acres of mixed-use business park.

The business park area has been developed with retail, office, research facilities and light industrial buildings along with limited multifamily housing.

Recently in South park...

Recently, an owner in SouthPark leased their building to Triple J Armory. Triple J Armory is a business engaged in retail gun sales and the proposed operation of an indoor gun range. This use falls under the definition of "Recreation" and "Retail Sales", in that both recreation and retail sales are uses that are permitted uses per the SouthPark governing documents, and thus permitted uses within the SouthPark Owners Association, Inc.

The litigation surrounding this issue has been settled, Triple J Armory is engaging in an allowed use in SouthPark, and SouthPark looks forward in a positive way as it relates to the operation of Triple J Armory.

Please note that a permitted use ca​n, and often is, still subject to review/acceptance by the SouthPark Owners Association, Inc., as was the case in this particular instance. This use at 8152 SouthPark Lane, was specifically reviewed and approved pursuant to the application submitted. 

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